Who is the MicroBeerFan ?

For most of my adult life I have been fascinated with flavorful small batch beers. I started in my early 20’s when I stumbled across a local bar called Smokeless Joe which catered to beer lovers. The beer menu was predominantly imports from around the world. I quickly fell in love with Belgium beers; fruit beers, chocolate, porter, stouts, quads/triples/doubles and my all time favorites Trappist made beers (still my favorites).

Over the years my passion for always trying something new ran into a roadblock as I quickly outpaced the LCBO typically complaining of their lack of selection and availability of brands. Eventually my desire lead me to more locally brewed beers and I fell in love with micro/craft breweries.  Now I can’t keep up as more and more, breweries pop up and create more and more beers and more flavour varieties for me to try.

Hence the name MICROBEERFAN came to mind.

I feel really lucky to live in the middle of Toronto’s “BREWERY DISTRICT” with over 12 microbreweries sharing 5 square kilometer zone and invite you to join me on my weekly tour of the area.