Here are some questions and answers that you might find helpful if you plan to join Microbeerfan for a breweries tour.

What do I need to bring on the craft brewery tour?
  • Proof of 19+ yrs old (  Drivers License,  Ontario Photo Card , Passport )
  • A canvas or similar bag to carry any beer you purchase at the various breweries we visit. ( Stay away from plastic bags as they are too weak.)
  • Comfortable shoes.
  • Umbrella, Rain Jacket ( If the weather calls for it)
How long is the average MicroBeerFan tour?

There is no time limit at final location but the total tour is approx 3 1/2 hrs. We have allotted 45 minutes for touring and sampling in each brewery and 5-15 min driving between locations and should arrive at our final destination (craft beer bar) approximately 3 1/2 hrs after start.

Do I have to stay with the group for the entire tour?

It is your choice how long and how many locations you visit; but it is recommended that you finish the tour (you may miss something exciting if you leave early).

Can I book a large group for a tour?

The current maximum is 8 people (some of the breweries are small and cannot accommodate larger groups.) If you have a group larger than 8 people; contact us in advance and we will make arrangements to accommodate your group (for an extra fee) Microbeerfan has access to many breweries and can organize tours to breweries which can handle large groups.

Is there a group discount?

Yes.  There is a 10% discount for groups of 3 or more.

Will transportation be provided for the tour?

Microbeerfan Tours has arranged for transportation between locations by Uber  and all transportation is included in cost of the tour.
If you wish to book larger groups  we can make arrangement at an additional cost. Contact Microbeerfan tours for pricing.

Is there food available during the tour?

Most of the breweries do not have food on site. We will be providing snacks (chips/Crackers) throughout the tour but it is recommended that you have a full meal before the tour. The end location will always have a full kitchen.

What if I can't go on a tour I have booked?

You can cancell at any time (up to 3 days in advance) *FUll REFUND*
Within 3 days of the tour Microbeerfan will provide a credit for the full amount **valid for 1 year**

What if my tour has been cancelled?

If for any reason Microbeerfan tours cancels a tour a full refund will be provided and a credit of 50% off will be issued for any future tour (exceptions. fewer than 2 people natural disasters and Microbeerfan stops operating (then full refunds only)

Can you accommodate disabled persons?

Microbeerfan Tours makes  every effort to accommodate people with disabilities but it is recommended you contact us first so we can discuss your needs.

Do you accommodate non drinkers or designated drivers?

This is a brewery tour focusing on craft beer tasting. Microbeerfan tours strongly recommends other options/tours if you do not wish to sample on this tour.

What is recommended that I bring for the tour?

Dress appropriately for the weather (tour goes rain or shine)
Be prepared to have a few pints of the best craft beers in the world
Bring spending money (for sampling) although the tour provides free samples you will want more than 1 per location.
All breweries/brewpubs have a bottle shop; so you will want to bring a bag to transport all the beers you purchase. Most locations sell 500 ml bottles up to 1.5 l growlers