Duke’s Refresher

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April 13, 2017
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June 27, 2017
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Duke’s Refresher


Duke’s Refresher

I found Duke’s Refresh by accident¬† over a year ago (spring 2016) and have been enjoying them ever since.

This is one of the few chain Restaurants I will visit; as their focus is almost entirely on craft beer. Duke’s does craft beer right “Corporate style” They have a great atmosphere, good food,¬† lots of TV’s to catch the game and Tons of craft beer (35+taps). Their is almost always a rare or hard to find craft brewery on tap and a solid can variety as well. Staff know their stuff and its always a fun time visiting them.

Located just off Yonge St(in the downtown core) expect to encounter plenty of tourists as they experience our craft beers.

Duke’s is just too much fun to miss. It’s worth a visit


Duke's Refresher

Noticeably Unique

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thumbs up


  • Their Beers
  • Constantly changing Tap/Can/Bottle list
  • Great Staff they know their stuff
  • Fun Environment
  • Located close to transit

Thumbs Down


    • located in a tourist district so can be a little pricey
    • Feels a little corporate but has a great atmosphere

MBF Rating

venue 80points 88.5
Staff 92points 88.5
Craft Beer selection 91points 88.5
location 89points 88.5
0points 88.5

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