Duggan’s Brewery

March 25, 2017
Liberty Commons at Big Rock Brewery
April 13, 2017
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Duggan’s Brewery

Duggan’s Brewery

Owned and operated by  Michael Duggan a co founder of Mill Street Brewery, Duggans has become a fan favorite  in Toronto. Having an established brewer running his own craft brewery has resulted in  a  polished list of beers many of which stand up against the best brews in the industry.

You can enjoy these beers in what I call a modern beer hall. Having one of the largest top rooms in the city 100+ seating a full kitchen and the brewery located in the basement it is a truly unique environment.

If you get a chance try their Irish stout which many say is a close to the Guinness you can get in Ireland and is truly tasty.

Duggans is another brewery which should not be missed when visiting the city

duggans brewery

Noticeably Unique

Their Irish stout and the modern beer hall atmosphere.

thumbs up


  • Their Beers
  • One of the older craft breweries in the city
  • Was a partner in one of the 1st craft breweries in the city
  • Great staff
  • tons of seating

Thumbs Down


    • not as trend setting as in the past

MBF Rating

venue 84points
Staff 87points
Quality of Beer 88points
Experimental brews 75points

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